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              CUR DEUS HOMO?


Outline Of Argument


I:                      The attempt at demonstrating the necessity of the Incarnation


II:                     Unbelievers’ objections concerning the condescension of God

but: (i) the humility and humiliation of God

magnify God’s grace

(ii) it is appropriate for an act of

disobedience to be put right by an act of supreme obedience


III:                  The inappropriateness of God’s rescuing humankind through deputing human or angel instead of humbling himself


IV:                    The three-fold imprisonment from which humankind needs to be redeemed:

(i) the enslavement of sin

(ii) the just anger of God

(iii) the power of the devil over sinners


V:                     The question of the devil’s rights over humankind


VI:                    The humility of God and the impassibility of God


VII:                  The apparent injustice and unreasonableness of God’s delivering up the Just Son


VIII:                 Sin and satisfaction


IX:                   The (im)possibility of redressing the disorder with the assistance of angels


X:                     Satisfaction as both the making good of a failure and the assuaging of affront or insult


XI:                   God’s resolve to fulfil his purposes for us is not a constraint upon God but rather a self-imposed necessity


XII:                  The role of recompense in God’s salvation


XIII:                 The mode of the Incarnation