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Bibliography of Karl Barth


The secondary literature on Barth is vast.  The following titles are intended to help students who are beginning their study of Barth’s theology.


Busch, E.; Karl Barth
This huge work is considered the definitive biography of Barth.  It is highly recommended and can be used as a reference tool for all areas of Barth’s thought and the development thereof.

Parker, T.H.L.; Karl Barth
This is a much smaller, more manageable work for neophytes.  It acquaints the reader with an overview of Barth’s life and work.  Its brevity does not sacrifice accuracy.  (Parker is also a superb Calvin scholar.)



Berkouwer, G.; The Triumph of Grace in the Theology of Karl Barth
The book delivers what it promises: a critical exposition of Barth in the light of Barth’s conviction concerning the triumph of God’s grace.

Bromiley, G.; Introduction to the Theology of Karl Barth
Bromiley’s work is everywhere lucid and accurate.  His book is the best guide to reading Barth in the order of the succeeding volumes of the

Church Dogmatics
This book is highly recommended for those who are approaching CD for the first time.

Dorrien, G.; The Barthian Revolt in Modern Theology
This book unfolds the manner in which Barth put 20th Century theology on a new course.

Hart, T.; Regarding Karl Barth: Toward a Readindg of His Theology
The fact that this book is published by IVP indicates the recognition of IVP, together with that of  its supporters, Barth’s thought.

Hartwell, H.; The Theology of Karl Barth
Hartwell’s book is one of the older discussions of Barth’s theology. It treats Barth topically rather than in the order of CD.  It can always be relied on to provide a clear, succinct statement of major aspects of Barth’s thought.

Hunsinger, G.; How to Read Karl Barth
This work acquaints readers with the logic of Barth’s thought in the course of expounding Barth’s approach to major doctrines.

McCormack, B.; Karl Barth’s Critically Realistic Dialectical Theology
This book explores both the immediate antecedents to Barth’s theology and unfolding of Barth’s “Copernican Revolution” in theology.

Torrance , T.; Karl Barth: Biblical and Evangelical Theologian.
Torrance discusses several features of Barth’s thought from the perspective of Barth’s faithfulness to the logic of the gospel.

Torrance , T.; Karl Barth: An Introduction to His Early Thought: 1910-1931
This is a fine exploration of the theo-logic of Barth’s move to a genuinely “scientific” (wissenschaftlich) theology.

Von Balthasar, H.; The Theology of Karl Barth
Von Balthasar is a major Roman Catholic reader of Karl Barth.

Webster, J.; Barth
Webster is undoubtedly one of the finest Barth scholars in the English-speaking world.  His work provides a very readable introduction to Barth’s thought.

Webster, J. (ed.); The Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth
A compilation of essays on assorted topics by assorted scholars, this book examines in greater depth areas of Barth where his theology has proved unusually fruitful.