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Martin Luther


Martin Luther

1483 – 1546

(Married Katarina von Bora, 1525: six children)



I: Introduction


II: Background and youth

elementary schooling at Breslau, Magdeburg and Eisenach .

began university studies at Erfurt , 1501.


III: The Monk

joined Augustinian (Reformed) order, 1505.

ordained to priesthood, 1507.

lectured at Wittenberg , 1508.

visited Rome , 1510.


IV: The Professor

appointed to chair of theology, 1510.

lectured on Psalms, 1513-15.

lectured on Romans, 1515-16.

lectured on Galatians, 1516-17 9 (and again in 1541.)

lectured on Hebrews, 1517-18.


V: The Indulgence Controversy

the Ninety-Five Theses, 1517.


VI: The Disputant

disputed with Johann Eck at Leipzig , 1519.

wrote three great tracts, 1520.

An Address to the Nobility of the German Nation for the Improvement of the

                                    Christian Estate

                        On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church

                        On the Freedom of the Christian

disputed with Johann Eck at Worms , 1521.  (From this moment until he died there was a

price on Luther’s head.)

completed translation of NT into German, 1522.


VII: The Social Conservative

supported the peasants’ grief but not their methods in the Peasant War, 1524.


VIII: The Victor

Diet of Speyer , 1526

Second Diet of Speyer , 1529

The Colloquy of Marburg , 1529.  (Does est mean “is” or “signifies”?)

Diet of Augsburg , 1530.  (Luther remained nearby in Cobourg.  The Lutheran cause was

represented by Philip Melanchthon, since the emperor feared Luther’s physical presence would provoke a riot.)


IX: The Shamed?

Luther and the Jewish people.