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Seasons of Grace


Thirty Sermons: Pathways from Wilderness to Wonder
Victor A. Shepherd
Clements Publishing 248 pgs
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 1894667018

Everyone faces spiritual wilderness at some point in life: Transitions in life, vocational confusion, physical illness or loss of a loved one — these and many other factors can drive us to a place where God seems distant or irrelevant. Those who wander through such difficult times without clear direction often find themselves spiraling down into a mess of doubt, self accusation, or depression. In Seasons of Grace Victor Shepherd shows us how to embrace the God of the Bible, who draws near to us in the midst of our inescapable wilderness and creates paths to life where none existed before.

REVIEW “Dr. Shepherd never pretends we can explain our lives by looking inward. Rather… we are directed to look outward — to the One who keeps us. This is not a trendy pop psychology ‘wanna be’ bestseller, but rather a book that speaks a much more profound, useful and timeless truth.” — David Clarkson, M.D.

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