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Supplementary readings



Supplementary Readings





Oberman, H.; The Harvest of Mediaeval Theology

Oberman, H.;  “‘Iustitia Christi’ and ‘Iustitia Dei’: Luther and the Scholastic Doctrine of

Justification”, Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 59 No. 1, Jan. 1966





Augustijn, C.; Erasmus: His Life, Works and Influence

            Bentley-Taylor, D; My Dear Erasmus: The Forgotten Reformer

            McConica, J.; Erasmus

            Tracy, J.; Erasmus of the Low Countries





Althaus, P. The Theology of Martin Luther

Ebeling, G.; Luther

Rupp, E.; Luther’s Progress to the Diet of Worms

Rupp, E.; The Righteousness of God





Hesselink, I.J., On Being Reformed: Distinctive Characteristics and Common Misunderstandings

McKim, D. (ed); The Cambridge Companion to John Calvin

Parker, T.; Calvin (biography)

Wendel, F.; Calvin: Origins and Development of His Religious Thought





English Reformers

Dickens, A.; The English Reformation

            Hughes, P.; Theology of the English Reformers

            Lindsay, T.; History of the Reformation, Volume 2: In Lands Beyond Germany

            Powicke, M.; The Reformation in England

Rupp, E.; Studies in the Making of the English Protestant Tradition