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Supplementary Readings




Supplementary Readings:


Biel              Oberman, H.; “The Process of Justification”, Part II, The

Harvest of Mediaeval Theology

Oberman, H.;  “‘Iustitia Christi’ and ‘Iustitia Dei’:

Luther and the Scholastic Doctrine of

Justification”, Harvard Theological Review,

Vol. 59 No. 1, Jan. 1966


Luther            Luther, M.; The Freedom of the Christian (Man)

or Christian Liberty


Althaus, P. The Theology of Martin Luther

Ebeling, G.; Luther

Rupp, G.; Luther’s Progress to the Diet of Worms

Rupp, G,; The Righteousness of God


Calvin            Calvin, J.; The Institutes of the Christian Religion,

Bk. IV, Chapt. I, Sects. 1-11, 22 (keys)


Calvin, J.; The Institutes of the Christian Religion,

Bk. III, Chapts. XXI – XXIV


Calvin, J.; Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God.

George, T.; Calvin and the Church

Milner, B.; Calvin’s Doctrine of the Church

Parker, T.; Calvin (biography)

Wendel, F.; Calvin


Radical Reformers

Williams, G.; The Radical Reformation

Steinmetz, D.; Reformers in the Wings


Council of Trent

Janelle, P.; The Council of Trent

Jedin, E., History of the Council of Trent

Dickens, A.G.; The Counter-Reformation



Daniels, B.; Puritans at Play

Packer, J.; A Quest for Godliness


Wesley            The Works of John Wesley (Albert Outler, ed., Abingdon)

Vol 1: “Salvation By Faith”

“Scriptural Christianity”

“The Witness of the Spirit”  – I

“The Witness of the Spirit” – II

“The Witness of our own Spirit”


Vol. 2: “Christian Perfection”

“Catholic Spirit”

Vol. 3: “The Danger of Riches”


Lindstrom, H.; Wesley and Sanctification

Maddox, R.; Responsible Grace

Williams, C.; John Wesley’s Theology Today



Athanasius        Athanasius, On the Incarnation of the Word of God

Norris, R. (ed.;) Christology of the Later Fathers

(Library of Christian Classics)


Kelly, J.; Early Christian Doctrine



Anselm            Anselm, Cur Deus Homo?

Deane, S.; Saint Anselm, Basic Writings


Hopkins, J.; A Companion to the Study of St. Anselm


Aquinas           Gilby, T.; St. Thomas Aquinas, Theological Texts

Chesterton, G.; St. Thomas Aquinas

Copleston, F.; Aquinas

Kenny, A.; Thomas Aquinas



Schleiermacher    Schleiermacher, G.; The Christian Faith

Schleiermacher, G.; Lectures


Mackintosh, H.; Types of Modern Theology, Chapts. II & III

Barth, K.; Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century,                                                          Chapt. 11


Barth             Barth, K.; Dogmatics in Outline

Barth, K.; Evangelical Theology

Barth, K.; The Humanity of God


Bloesch, D.; Jesus is Victor!

Bromiley, G.; An Introduction to the Theology of Karl Barth

Torrance, T.; Karl Barth



Liberation Theology


Bonino, M.; Doing Theology in a Revolutionary Situation

Brown, R.; Unexpected News: Reading the Bible with

Third World Eyes

Gonzalez, C. and G.; Liberation Preaching: The Pulpit

and the Oppressed


Armerding, C. (ed.); Evangelicals and Liberation