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ThM Seminar: Holiness (INTD 0930)
Department of Theology
Tyndale Seminary
Winter 2003
Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.
Office Hours (to be announced)
Instructor: Victor Shepherd
416 226 6380 ext. 6726


This course attempts to acquaint the student with that category (holiness) which is the primordium of biblical faith as it understands the nature of God and the nature of the life of God’s people.

1] to explore the meaning and force of God’s holiness;
2] to understand the command, “You shall be holy…”. as the root command of scripture;
3] to understand the relation of this command to the “great commandment”: “You shall love
 the Lord your God… and your neighbour as yourself.”
4] to trace the interpretation of category and command in selected major thinkers;
5] to identify one-sided or erroneous interpretations in the history of the Church that have given
 rise to non-biblical declensions (e.g., the confusion between holy living and Platonic asceticism, or the confusion between holiness and religious subjectivism);
6] to assist the student in relating the category of holiness to major doctrines; e.g., creation, fall,
 sin, redemption, eschatology.

Students will be admitted to the course in conformity to the regulations articulated in the Tyndale Seminary Academic Catalogue.

Two essays, approximately 4,000 words each.

The two essays will be weighted equally.

To be purchased: David Willis, Notes on the Holiness of God. (Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, ISBN: 0 8028 4987 3

To be distributed by the instructor: photocopies of material for remaining weekly sessions.


Please note:
1] The APA standard is to be followed in submitting written materials.
2] The student handbook should be consulted for matters pertaining to academic integrity.


Jan 23  Willis, Chapters 1 & 2
Jan 30 Willis, Chapters 2 & 3
Feb 6 Willis, Chapters 5 & 6
Feb 13 Gammie, Holiness in Israel, pp.1-101
Feb 20                   “
Feb 27 Fackenheim, “Elijah Among the Empiricists”, Encounters between Judaism and Modern Philosophy, pp.7-21
Mar 6 Kittel, “Hagios”, Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
Mar 13 Reading Week No Class
Mar 20 Kittel (continuation of reading for Mar 6)
Mar 27 Edwards Religious Affections pp. 3-69 (Houston ed’n)
Apr 3 Edwards “
Apr 10  Wesley “Chistian Perfection”
“On Perfection” Sermons 53 & 76, The Works of
(Abingdon edition)
Shepherd “‘Can You Conceive Anything More Amiable Than This? Anything
More Desirable?’: A Note on Wesley’s Challenge Concerning Society, Vol. 12, pp. 18-44
Apr 17  (continuation of readings for Apr 10)
Apr 24  Barth, “The Struggle for Human Righteousness”, The Christian Life: Church Dogmatics IV.4, pp. 205-271