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The Spirituality of Wesley


Victor Shepherd
Publisher: Regent Audio (2001)
Product Number: RGCD3171S

“God can do something with sin beyond forgiving it,” the earliest followers of John Wesley reminded each other; “God can deliver us from its power over us.” Forgiveness is relief of sin’s guilt; sanctification or holiness, release from sin’s grip. While not undervaluing justification by faith (this truth marked the “Aldersgate” turning point in his life), Wesley highlighted holiness of heart and life as characterizing the Methodist ethos. A pretended holiness of heart alone would be more sentimental indulgence; of life alone, mere legalistic exertion. Justification gives us the right to heaven, Wesley always insisted, while holiness renders us fit to “see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14), the destiny of God’s people that Wesley constantly kept before them.