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The Theology of Martin Luther


Victor Shepherd
Publisher: Regent Audio (2001)
Product Number: RG3174S

A colossus who bestrides the early-to-mid Sixteenth Century, Luther is the single most formative thinker of the Magisterial Protestant Reformation. His output is prodigious, his Works filling more than fifty large volumes. Best known for his 1520 tract, The Freedom of the Christian, Luther wrote on virtually every topic that touch his understanding of the Christian faith, from how to correct recalcitrant children to the manner of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. Unquestionably a major expositor of Scripture and a master of doctrinal articulation, he yet knew that amidst all our theological diligence we must ever hear the “voice” of that babe whom no one should confuse with the manger in which he lies (Scripture) yet who can never be found apart from it.